Core aeration on fescue lawn with aerator.jpg

Aeration is a vital process for any lawn vying to looks its best.  This process creates space in the soil, alleviating compaction, and allows air and nutrients into the root zone. 


Over time organic matter will collect on the surface of a lawn preventing air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots. Scarification is a mechanical process to remove this thatch.  

Manual fertilizing of the lawn in back yard in spring time. Close up.jpg

A combination of our carefully selected seasonal and organic fertilisers will ensure your lawn receives the correct nutrients at the right time.



Not only unsightly but weeds directly compete with grass for water and vital nutrients.  


One of the most complained about problems in lawns. Moss thrives in wet damp compacted shady conditions.  We can deal with the moss and eradicate the problems which created it.


Keep your surfaces weed and moss-free.  Hardstanding and gravel areas not intended to bear vegetation can be kept clear with our weed control and prevention