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Aeration is a vital process for any lawn vying to looks its best.  This process creates space in the soil, alleviating compaction, and allows air and nutrients into the root zone. 


Over time organic matter will collect on the surface of a lawn preventing air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots. Scarification is a mechanical process to remove this thatch.  

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A combination of our carefully selected seasonal and organic fertilisers will ensure your lawn receives the correct nutrients at the right time.



Not only unsightly but weeds directly compete with grass for water and vital nutrients.  


One of the most complained about problems in lawns. Moss thrives in wet damp compacted shady conditions.  We can deal with the moss and eradicate the problems which created it.


Keep your surfaces including paving, decking and fences from from algae and moss.  Unsightly and dangerous when slippery 


A quality organic top dressing improves the soil biology by adding organic matter to the root zone.  This natural process will also aid seed germination and help to improve levels. 

Renovation before and after.jpeg

Sometimes a lawn will reach a stage whereby a full renovation will be required.  This can be due to excess moss and thatch or damage caused by pests.  This is a much more cost effective solution than other alternatives to bring back a lawn that you can be proud of.


Regular over-seeding to replenish and revitalise the lawn is recommended and works well when carried out in conjunction with aeration.  Adding strength and density to a lawn will also help to combat moss over the winter months.