We offer two forms of mechanical aeration, Hollow-Tine and Fracture-Tine.  The benefits of aeration cannot be underestimated and we would recommend this as an annual treatment.  The optimal time for aeration is spring and autumn which serves to relieve compaction, allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate the root zone.  This contributes to a healthier sward with deeper roots, also reducing moss and thatch.  An analysis of your lawn would determine the most suitable method.    



Fracture-Tine aeration involves the use of a drop forged blade tine that provides a deeper penetration into the soil.  The blades are 4° offset, entering the soil with a twisting motion to a depth of up to 125 mm.  Unlike conventional spiking, the offset angle of the tine moves the soil like a small spade without the need to remove cores. 


Hollow-Tine is probably the most recognised form of aeration.  This machine removes small cores from the soil providing numerous benefits including reliving compaction, as well as pruning roots.